⨃🔥 🐛Discreet Van PEST CONTROL-BedBugs|Ants|Mice|Roach Exterminator🐞 (#1 Rated Pest Control Exterminator Companny DMV)

⨃🔥 🐛Discreet Van PEST CONTROL-BedBugs|Ants|Mice|Roach Exterminator🐞 1 thumbnail⨃🔥 🐛Discreet Van PEST CONTROL-BedBugs|Ants|Mice|Roach Exterminator🐞 2 thumbnail⨃🔥 🐛Discreet Van PEST CONTROL-BedBugs|Ants|Mice|Roach Exterminator🐞 3 thumbnail⨃🔥 🐛Discreet Van PEST CONTROL-BedBugs|Ants|Mice|Roach Exterminator🐞 4 thumbnail⨃🔥 🐛Discreet Van PEST CONTROL-BedBugs|Ants|Mice|Roach Exterminator🐞 5 thumbnail
🐞Do you know if you see 1 insect... then there are 1000s hiding in your house? 🐞

As they say... "There is never one cockroach in the kitchen".

Please don't run to call the first pest control company that comes to your mind...

Why did I say that? Let me tell you why in a second...

✋The highly-advertised national brands spend way too much 💲💲💲 on advertising... but when it comes to the products that they use ... meh.

Big-brands either wants to tackle high-dollar extermination --or-- they have a one-pesticide-kills-all approach... Neither is good for you, right?

I thought so too..

Call us at ☎️️(3O1) 538-7079☎️️

I do answer the phone, talk to customers, perform the inspection and pretty much do the extermination too...

Don't you think a local family-owned business person who's in your backyard is the best suited to tackle this job?

Call me now at ☎️️(3O1) 538-7079☎️️
We specialize in commercial and residential. My van is discreet so your neighbors wouldn't know that you have a pest issue.

Defense Pest Solution (DPS) is a very highly rated exterminator 🔝 serving the DMV area. DPS has the right tools🛠️, has the right knowledge 🧠 and knows the right tricks of the trade - to detect, identify and completely eliminate and exterminate any and all bugs.

Some of our high-in-demand extermination services are for infestations with:
✅Bed Bugs
✅Rodents & Mice
✅and other common intruders.

Call us at ☎️️(3O1) 538-7079☎️️

Look: This is just a small list -- we can take care of any and all pest related issues.

By the way, the national brands will avoid a whole bunch of pests... We don't.

We also specialize in critter control. Who want's that nasty sound, that disturbs you from a deep sleep.

Heck, even the animals that get in your attic. Snakes? We remove... Raccoons? Don't worry, we got it covered...

Defense Pest Solutions is a family-owned local small business. Treat the small guy fair and let the national deep-pocketed, stock-exchange listed companies fight for your hard-earned dollar.

Call us NOW at ☎️️(3O1) 538-7079☎️️

📝Our Process:
🕵️We start with an inspection to see the severity of the infestation and to see what all is in play. This is a critical step. Unless we know what we are dealing with, how do we know how to handle those?

📅 Once the inspection is complete --- don't worry it's completely free of charge -- we come up with a plan to best tackle the situation.

🎓We Educate you on the problem and the plan of action. So, you know what we do and why we do it.
No one does this - but for us. In fact, it is in our mission statement of the company.

🏃Then we execute on the plan and you never see the issue ever again.

If this is what you are looking for, give us a call today!👍👍

Call now at ☎️️(3O1) 538-7079☎️️

A list of work we do are:
- General Pest Control and Treatment Services
- Mice, Rats, and Rodent Control, Treatment, Extermination, and Prevention
- Bed Bug Extermination
- Carpenter Ant Treatment
- Commercial Pest Treatment
- Ant control, treatment, and prevention
- Flea Treatment
- Bee control including Hornet, Wasp
- Cockroaches Treatment and Control
- Termite Inspection and Treatment

Call now at ☎️️(3O1) 538-7079☎️️

Not only that, but we can also handle"
- Venomous Spider Removal and Preventative Treatment
- Snake Removal (including the venomous types and other reptiles) and Preventative Treatment
- Bird and Nest Removal and Relocation
- Other intruders removal - such as Racoon

And Also we have special services for:
- Move-in services
- Move-out services
- Our inspections are Complimentary with the service

Call now at ☎️️(3O1) 538-7079☎️️

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