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1/6 SCALE Released in 1997, First in the Historical Commanders Edition , the General Dwight D. Eisenhower set includes:
General Dwight D. Eisenhower
In 1948, Dwight David Eisenhower was an obscure colonel with 25 years of uneventful military service, but in only four years he would marshal international forces and lead them in a desperate struggle for the freedom of Europe. A man with keen military insights, he understood the relationship between armies and the industries that support them, inspiring the trust of his superiors as well as the men under his command. This element of trust would maintain the military coalition that was the only hope for defeating Germany. No amount of training could prepare an officer to unite so may disparate forces — this was achieved on a human level by Eisenhower alone.

Like so many other great military leaders, Eisenhower’s career began at West Point. During WW I he was ordered to command a tank corps training center in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, and after the war he performed a number of routine duties that helped cultivate his fight for tactics and strategic planning. He attended the Command and General Staff School and graduated at the top of his class. In 1930, Eisenhower was assigned to assist General Douglas MacArthur, accompanying him to the Philippines in ’35 and spending the next several years establishing island defenses.

Eisenhower soon began to attract the attention of some of the Army’s highest ranking officers. They saw in him an intelligence, imagination, initiative, and the willingness to view each situation from a Command perspective. Shortly after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor Eisenhower was again reassigned, this time to George C. Marshall, the Army Chief of Staff.

Under Marshall, Eisenhower demonstrated a keen grasp of military tactics, His assessment of the situation at hand and the steps require to attain an Allied victory were insightful Even though Eisenhower had little experience with men and material, and none in combat, General Marshall trusted him implicitly, viewing him as a man who clearly understood the situation, knew what had to be done, and had the strength to lead a strong international coalition. On June 25, 1942, Dwight David Eisenhower was app0inted to Commanding General, European Theater.

This was a command unlike any in history. The dimensions alone were staggering: millions of men, hundreds of million of tons of material, and battlefields that spanned the continent. The job was often more political and diplomatic than military. There were times when Eisenhower found himself commanding officers who out-ranked him and had years of combat experience. There were rivalries, resentments, and no end to difficulties that threatened to split the multi-national coalition. But there was a also a battle-hardened and ruthless enemy. Eisenhower possessed not only the military expertise but also the patience and sheer determination to overcome each difficulty.

The greatest testament to Eisenhower’s talent is his masterful planning and handling of the massive Allied invasion on D-Day, Operation Overload. He remained true to the course that would eventually bring down the Nazi regime and win the gratitude of freedom-loving people around the world. Postwar America rewarded this stellar leader by electing him 34th President of the United States, where his stead influence guided the nation for eight years.- Classic Collection GI Joe body
- Eisenhower head sculpt
- Field cap
- Garrison cap w/stars
- Shirt
- Tie
- Decorated 'Ike' Jacket
- Decorated overcoat
- Pants
- Socks
- Shoes
- Dog tags
- Stand
- Divisional Patch
- Base
- US Flag
- Army Flag..

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