Smart Way To Build Website Audience - $100 (Annapolis)

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Google Analytics only provides the raw numbers to the specific final URL that each visitor ends up on. The data is not separated based on which URL forwarded visitors to the page. (Sutherland, 2020)

Is your website struggling? This one-man team has a unique talent for building website audience that brought my site BOBBYZ.NET up to the first page on Google. To see my ranking on first page for yourself, type BOBBYZ in your browser address bar and hit Enter. (PLEASE COME BACK) Surprisingly, placing redirects on high-traffic County Domains targeting county populations greater than 100,000 got brought me to the top. A domain is just the address for a website. I'm sure you're aware of the fact that people attempting to locate courthouse records on the internet tend to enter county name; two-letter state abbreviation; and most popular " .com" extension into their browser. However, research has shown that hundreds, if not thousands, of governments have weaker .gov and .us websites. The weakness of the .gov or .us website gives testimony to the strength of a .com domain. Even Clinton County Government from Clinton County PA recognizes this fact by using a redirect on ClintonCountyPA.com domain that sends users to their original ClintonCountyPA.gov website instantly. It's huge! If I've interested you in buying County Domains to build website traffic by targeting county populations greater than 100,000 according to analysis of U.S. Census Bureau data, go to BuyCountyDomains.com to opt-into my auction at Afternic by GoDaddy marketplace. Domain names are registered by GoDaddy. I am asking a ridiculously low price of $250 for each County Domain, or accepting offers starting as low as $100. It's worth considering that if you don't buy it, someone else will. Thanks for looking!

Sutherland, J. (2020). How to Track Landing Page Redirects Using Google Analytics. New Media Campaigns. https://www.newmediacampaigns.com/blog/how-to-track-landing-page-redirects-using-google-analytics

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